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hi everyone and welcome to sleepy-beast's 3rd transgender resource giveaway! (there’s a LOT of text but please keep all of the text when you reblog it. there’s a lot of really important information here)

so i’ve decided that every winter and summer, i’ll be hosting a transgender resource giveaway! this is the giveaway that i host where money is donated to a winner to go towards helping a transgender-identifying person with resources they might need to help them live the life they want to. money can go towards hormones, surgery, name change, clothing, anything essential to that person to help make their lives easier. and “transgender” is a loose term, it’s basically for anyone who does not identify as cisgender. if you don’t know what these things mean, look them up. you can identify as genderfluid, trans man, trans woman, genderqueer, transmasculine, transfeminine, bigender, agender, two-spirit, demi-girl, demi-boy, genderfuck, anything and everything that is not cisgender! (i do realize that there are some people who identify outside of cisgender/outside the binary who also do not identify as transgender. i am trying my best to include everyone so if you have questions, please direct them to me before doing anything else!)

the last two giveaways have had enormous success and support and i want to make this a bi-annual thing! BUT, for those of you who participated in the past (or those who are just joining), i’m changing this one up a bit. please read carefully.

in the past, i have had numerous people contact me about donating extra money to the amount i normally giveaway (100$) to the winner of the giveaway. i loved this idea so much that i decided to incorporate it into my giveaway! so this year and from here on out, i’ll be taking donations to create more chances to win during the giveaway! so here’s how this works. the winnings start out at 100$, given by me, to one winner. for every 100$ donated, i’ll add an extra winner to the giveaway! so let’s say that 500$ total was donated. that means there will be 5 total winners each receiving 100$. the more people donate, the more winners there will be! and you do NOT have to donate, there is nothing mandatory about donating, it is all on your own free will. but it gives everyone who has the means to help a chance to give to others!

~*~*~ THIS GIVEAWAY WILL END JULY 31st, 2014 at 9:00pm EST~*~*~

with all that said, here are the rules of the giveaway!

  • TO DONATE, ***GO TO THE GOFUNDME PAGE LINKED HERE*** (again it is not mandatory to donate)
  • one like + one reblog = 2 entries! if you follow me, you get +1 extra entry but it is not mandatory (it’s mostly so you can keep updated on the giveaway)
  • you have to identify as transgender/non-cisgender to be included in this giveaway. if you are cisgender, you can signal boost the post! just reblog it and add “signal boost” to the comments or tags so that way i know not to include you when choosing the winner.
  • please have an active account and ask box. i will give the winner(s) 3 days/72 hrs to respond. also, if you are under the age of 18 but are living in a situation where you cannot ask for your parent or guardian’s permission for me to send you mail, we will work something out. i know there’s plenty of transgender youth out there in abusive households and i do NOT want to exclude you.
  • if you do not want to reblog to your main account because you are not completely out/are afraid of people finding your blog, message me the URL of a different safer blog for you and reblog it on THAT account. not your main one. just let me know ahead of time. otherwise no sideblogs or giveaway blogs please
  • if you want to reblog it for a significant other/friend/someone else that does not have a tumblr, contact me first.
  • the currency will be in the US Dollar. it is up to you to do currency exchange if you live outside the country

if you have any other questions, please direct them to my ask box! don’t ask on anon unless you absolutely have to. i’d like to answer most questions privately.

happy reblogging!!

I AM UPDATING THE DATE THE GIVEAWAY IS GOING TO END. i have come to the realization that i am going to probably be broke by the end of july because of a possible convention and my tattoo that i’ve been saving up for. so!!! i’m going to have the giveaway end August 31st, 2014 to give myself a bit more time to earn some money to donate. that way we have the whole summer to raise more money and have more winners! please think about donating if you couldn’t before! thanks!


Gothic Garden: Beautiful Bat Flower…
Photo by graphicgreg on Flickr:


Gothic Garden: Beautiful Bat Flower…

Photo by graphicgreg on Flickr:


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